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Increasing Amount Of Americans Now Respect Social Distance Norms When Mugging

HYANNIS - Martha Stoughton says that when she was mugged just the other day, "he kept several feet away and even used a face mask."

New Guy Feels Like Real American After Getting Anti-Depressants

It hasn't been easy for Christoph McDermott, a new U.S. citizen. We asked his coworkers how he's doing: "He's anxious, depressed, doesn't eat well, and neglects to exercise. He's fitting in very well."

Trump Tariffs Begin To Hurt Cape's Cherished Whirly-Gig Industry

TRURO - With the increased cost of steel from China, local businesses have been forced to conserve whirly-gig supplies. "I could get a premium whirly-bird for about $20, now you'd be lucky to get a single colored gee-haw for that price!"

Cape Cod Community College Erroneously Sends Acceptance Letter To All Twelve Applicants

HYANNIS - The Cape Cod Community College accidentally sent out acceptance letters to more than 11 applicants, implying that all 12 had been accepted to the institution. It was made worse by the attempt to cover up the error and simply accept all applicants.

Town Of Yarmouth Grateful For Additional Snow To Keep Imperfections Covered

Locals in Yarmouth have been looking at the brighter side of power outages, downed trees, and a stubborn foot of snow that just won't go away. Instead of complaining, residents are raving about the benefits. We asked local resident Tanya Carter to explain how this works. "Well, most businesses

$20M Fleet Of Vehicles Missing, Last Seen On Otis AFB Before New Coat Of Camouflage Paint

Ten military vehicles were reported missing on Wednesday, shortly after being painted with high-tech camouflage paint designed to blend in with urban settings.

"Why Not Buy Valentines Gifts While Christmas Shopping?" Says Overprepared Walmart In Wareham

Who doesn't joke once in a while about how stores like to put out seasonal displays too early? But where do you draw the line?