Every year is different and 2017 is no exception. Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis is experiencing a holiday rush like one they've never seen. Doctors are pulling round the clock shifts while the nursing staff tries to catch up.

"Carpel tunnel is a serious and debilitating problem," says Dr. Rollipart, "and in all my years at Cape Cod Hospital, I have never seen anything like this. It's a pandemic."

During this time of year, holiday travel is expected. Millions of families will reluctantly drive hours to see their loved ones. But why drive when you can text or FaceTime? That's what thousands of millennials are asking themselves.

Brenda Smalls, our social media correspondent, says

Families are increasingly reluctant to put forth any effort at all to see their relatives, especially when a friendly "thoughts and prayers!" will suffice.

She also notes that "the elderly don't have the typing skills that millennials have, and they definitely aren't using voice typing," which may explain the rise in carpel tunnel. "Throw in some emojis, and their hands are cramped. Next thing you know, you're in the emergency room."