There's a new excuse to skip your family holiday plans and it's catching fire within the lower Cape community. Deanna Jacobs has found a way to avoid the family drama that has consumed her family reunions. The best part? Deanna's method is guilt-free.

I'm so sorry I won't be able to make it today, I'm volunteering at a senior center. Happy Thanksgiving everbody 🦃 Gobble gobble!

Normally, escaping an annual obligation such as Thanksgiving at Uncle Don's, would spark several guilt-trip-laden texts and phone calls from both sides of the family. "How could you miss another chance to see Nana? You know she doesn't have much time left."

Those days are over. All you have to do is drop-in at the local senior center and post a selfie. Within hours, your family will quickly forget that you've managed to avoid them and their emotional baggage. Heck, they might even think they did a good job raising you.

"Oh, Deanna is volunteering today, she's so generous that girl," Nana will say. "I guess we can wait until Christmas to see her. You must have done something right, raising her."