Another victory for the Barnstable Chamber of Commerce as a local entrepreneurial team innovates their way out of bankruptcy into the humdrum world of unsatisfying and gassy fast-food.

What was once a stale and unnecessary car wash has now been turned into a stale and unnecessary Dunkin' Donuts, located on Route 6A on the North Shore.

Over the past few years, the car wash industry has taken a hit. Not the industry in general, but specifically this very location. The owners had to find a solution before they lost everything, including the faded and moldy structure built of Cape Cod granite.

This team worked through extraordinary lengths to brainstorm a solution. Banki Moon, the owner of this property and leader of his one person team, says:

Instead of hiring low-skilled workers for a low wage to help people wash their cars, we decided to hire low-skilled workers for a low wage to help people stuff their face.

Banki couldn't be happier with the results.