FALMOUTH - You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. Old-man 'Weathersby is practically a local celebrity. It only makes sense that such a committed personality would at least achieve the first level of local cable-TV stardom. His property is peppered with unattractive lawn ornaments harvested from used boats and unattended docks. Buoys both big and small, rusty old chains from large ships and anchors, even the stench of a murky swamp scene, you can find it all here on this tiny 20 ft plot.

Neighbors aren't surprised, "I knew he had a problem by the 37th buoy," Margaret Butenfold says, admitting that the average person should have no more than zero buoys. She's hopeful that the show will help him, though not in making a recovery, "at least with a TV episode, he'll get the attention he's been starving for."