We spent a Saturday afternoon on Nantucket Island with some of our community. A group of local nannies we're gathering to share their advice, experiences, friendship and support.

"You think you bond with your baby after giving birth, but I had no idea until I started coming to Nantucket Nannies," says Viktoria Camilla, a mom of three from Aquinnah.

There's nothing like sending your child to dreamland with a forceful tug of your forearm.

"It's done wonders for my stress levels, because naptime isn't just when the kids want it, it's when I want it too." said Ingrid Nataslokakinov.

This new technique is not only making waves in the community, it's advancing child development across the modern era. Even progressive countries like Sweden and Denmark are taking notes.

Gorden Fjörden Hoffenburger, a wellness and child therapy specialist, comments on the demonstration at a local mom's meetup titled No Nonsense Nannying: "It's quite remarkable. The technique truly affects the entire development of the child, it shows them that they have no control and are at the complete mercy of the nanny. It's a critical part of nannying that the child know their life could be in danger if they disobey."