Jerry the Paramedic Doll has been a loyal servant to the hospital staff at JML for over three years now. He helps the staff to stay trained and up-to-date with their CPR skills and other life-saving techniques.

Everytime he gets in a bind, his friends (or should we call them saviors) at JML at on the spot to help him out.

"I am prone to injuries that require CPR. Despite not knowing what's wrong with me, it's almost always the CPR that saves me. I'm lucky to be alive," Jerry said.

Jerry goes on to say "there must be a gene I've inherited that predisposes me to asphixiation or something, right? Maybe I should look into that 23andMe thing. How else could you explain why I'm in the hospital so frequently?"

Jerry still does not know he is a doll. The staff at JML ask that you maintain discretion when interacting with him.