FALMOUTH - Area man Gerome Montague and his hand-puppet Happy Jackson are both the latest victims of a domestic violence dispute in East Falmouth.

Local authorities responded to emergency calls on Saturday night after neighbors heard shouting mixed with high pitched laughter, and then sudden silence.

Gerome's body was found on the floor of his apartment with Happy Jackson still attached, who managed to wrap his tiny puppet hands around the throat of Gerome.

It's not clear whether the puppet was acting on behalf of his master or if the puppet became self aware and chose to attack Gerome. When asked for comment, the Falmouth Police said there is plenty of evidence for a motive in this killing.

"Domestic violence is all about power and domination. Clearly, Jackson was no longer willing to submit to Gerome's complete control, so he rebelled passionately out of anger. You can imagine how this situation quickly devolved into madness," a spokesperson for the police department said.