When he's not knee-deep in providing excellent customer service, Tom Mcleung likes to lay it on thick. Too old to be naive, too young to be jaded and unproductive, Tom hits the sweet spot of corporate culture's ideal employee. Like the young whippersnapper that he is, prepared with a draft agenda of several bullet points worth of ideas and questions, Tom was ready to soak up knowledge from one of the region's thought leaders on cost effective compliance. "There's actually a lot of interesting things I never knew about HIPAA and regulation compliance," he touted after the free, ninety-minute webinar.

You might even be tempted to ask him about it. That is, if you don't already know what it's like to chat with Jake. Most of his colleagues will nod agreeably or even throw in a "that's nice," and smile gently, hoping that he'll go away on his own. "The thing is, HIPAA is only getting more complicated. There's no privacy on the internet. Even yours or my health records could be out there! Good thing there's people like us, watching out for everyone and protecting their data. Somebody's gotta do it, right?" Tom says.

"I can't tell if he's serious," said a coworker, "we don't even work in the healthcare industry, we told him to attend the webinar so we could get some peace and quiet."