Feed your addiction straight from the teat. That's what marketers from Johnson & Johnson are buzzing about after finding a perfect match for their new rubber nipple product line.

It's not a new thing. If you've ever been stuck behind a millennial on the road, there's no doubt you've seen puffs of smoke (it's actually vapor) exhaled from their window. This vapor looks characteristically different from smoke, you can tell it's not from a cigarette. What can we say? Times have changed.

However, have times really changed? Well, yes. So did we need to ask that question? Also yes. You see, cigarettes used to make you look cool. The problem is, vaping does not make you look cool, and vapers know it. That's why a few smart marketers have started to offer free rubber nipples to vapers in an effort to soothe these young and confused smokers. And it appears to be catching on.

Adding a rubber nipple to your vape is like crawling into the fetal position under a warm blanket. You'd be surprised how natural and welcoming it feels.