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South-Facing Falmouth Property Boasts Lots Of Light, Escape Holes

Three-season's room? Make that FOUR seasons! The wide-open-floor living room is south-facing with LOTS of sunlight. Grow an indoor garden, heck, grow an OUTDOOR garden. No need to open the windows, that fresh summer breeze is only a matter of time!

Trump Tariffs Begin To Hurt Cape's Cherished Whirly-Gig Industry

TRURO - With the increased cost of steel from China, local businesses have been forced to conserve whirly-gig supplies. "I could get a premium whirly-bird for about $20, now you'd be lucky to get a single colored gee-haw for that price!"

Property Values In Hot Osprey-Nest Market Soar To Record Beak

It was only a couple years ago that a young Osprey family could barely afford a nest on the Cape. Even older couples had trouble keeping up with a one-family fixer-upper, citing sky-high costs for branches and twigs on remote telephone poles.

Cape Cod Community College Erroneously Sends Acceptance Letter To All Twelve Applicants

HYANNIS - The Cape Cod Community College accidentally sent out acceptance letters to more than 11 applicants, implying that all 12 had been accepted to the institution. It was made worse by the attempt to cover up the error and simply accept all applicants.

USPS on Cape Cod To Offer Free Expedited Service When Sending Thoughts And Prayers

The USPS has innovated its way out of bankruptcy as it gains a massive social following from its new service, expedited thoughts and prayers. Now families, friends, and even strangers can send thoughts and prayers to potential victims all around the globe.

"Riveting!" Chatty Employee Exaggerates Enjoyment Of HIPAA Compliance Webinar

When he's not knee-deep in providing excellent customer service, Tom Mcleung likes to lay it on thick. Too old to be naive, too young to be jaded and unproductive, Tom hits the sweet spot of corporate culture's ideal employee. Like the young whippersnapper that he is, prepared with a draft

OCD Sufferer Lets Loose At Best Buy Setting All TV's To "Perfect Volume" Of Even Numbers

Retail staff were stunned to see the anxiety on a customer's face as she grabbed several remotes and danced around the TV section. She suffers from what is called VOCD, *volume obsessive compulsive disorder* which triggers an overwhelming feeling of anxiety when volume is set to "bad" numbers.