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Storm Forces Locals To Choose Persy's Place Due To Long Lines At Literally Every Other Breakfast Joint

"Our reasoning was, the extra fat and cholesterol from their low quality ingredients would probably help us to stay warm until the power gets restored."

Army Veteran Brushes Up On Medical Training While Mending Burrito Wound At Hyannis Bistro

To Jake Lackey, burritos are a way to train for his doctorate as a medical surgeon while also catching up on some delicious beans and fresh salsa. I prefer to order extra ingredients so the burrito bursts open with wounds of mexican-inspired flavor. Then, I operate.

Hyannis Man “Totally Done” With Salt-Grinders After First Experience At Friendly’s

Part of Friendly’s rebranding effort only years ago, they replaced all the salt shakers with salt-grinders. “Why the hell would I want to grind my own salt?” Benjamin wondered. His curiosity was short-lived and ended with frustration.