You know whenever you see Paul Ryan this happy, something must be terribly wrong.

In an effort to push through the most far-reaching, hurried tax bill that will affect almost every American, Republicans are cheering after a last minute amendment to their tax bill. Right in time for Christmas!

Instead of giving gifts to your friends and family, Republicans think it would be better to give all your gifts to the wealthy, which will stimulate the economy and inevitably trickle down to your family.

We asked Paul Ryan's spokesman, Minch Grayden, to offer a comment on their newest amendment.

What's happening is that people who give gifts to their families and friends are reinforcing the stagnant middle class, keeping wages low and poverty at an all time high.

How's that work exactly? Trickle-down theory, as per Wikipedia, "is an economic theory that advocates reducing taxes on businesses and the wealthy in society as a means to stimulate business investment in the short term and benefit society at large in the long term."

In response, Minch says:

We need to spur economic growth and the best way to do that is through trickle-down gifting. This will bring in tax revenue from offshore families and reinforce America as one of the best countries to give gifts."