Who doesn't share a joke once in a while, or an off-hand comment about how stores like to put out seasonal displays on the early side. But where do you draw the line? That's what we were wondering after picking up some last minute gifts at Walmart in Wareham.

There are some great buys right now for holiday shopping. Especially the men's sweatpants for $7, which will probably disintegrate after the third wash, but who cares how they look in sweatpants anyways?

Rounding the next aisle, and holy crap, what is Valentines day merchandise doing here? Can we get a damn break from buying stuff we don't need just because it's "that time of the year?" I haven't even finished my Christmas shopping and now I'm getting anxious about having to buy yet another shitty holiday card for my husband. This behavior is unacceptable, even for Wareham.

If you're going to go this far, you might as well dedicate an aisle to ALL seasonal gifts so people can stock up in advance, thereby completely negating the fact that it's supposed to happen at certain times of the year. Getting some valentine heart candy that no one will eat? Might as well grab a chocolate Easter bunny and a big bag of candied corn. Hell, maybe we'll go full circle and catch up to next year's Christmas.